CARPOREE PLUZn++, with optimal and protections that make all benefits and features

in one material. Tested by SGS, CMA, CNAS, FDA and all recognized by USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, South East Asia.

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How CARPOREE PLUZn++ works

Carporee solid surfacing are widely used in all living spaces.

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What is zinc ion? (Zn)?

Zinc ion is an inorganic metal element, which is a trace element in the human body. Compared with silver ion, it is safer and less allergic to human skin. Zinc ion is zinc in which the zinc atom has lost more than one electron. It exists in an ionic state and has an oxidation effect. It is often used for sterilization and disinfection in daily life through the physical phenomenon of positive and negative attraction.

Basically, the sterilization principle of metal ions is the same. Through the physical phenomenon of positive and negative attraction, the activity of bacteria is destroyed and the antibacterial effect is achieved.  Positively charged zinc ions will attach to the cell wall membrane of bacteria, and its strong adsorption force will pierce the cell wall and enter the interior of the bacterial cell. Zinc ions damage DNA in cells and inhibit the formation of proteins. The inactivation of the protein prevents bacterial cells from dividing and regenerating. When the bacteria are damaged during the pulling process, they will lose their activity and die spontaneously. Zinc ions can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, achieve antibacterial effect, and avoid odor.

Case Studies - Carporee

Carporee solid surfacing are widely used in all living spaces.

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